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v5 install and license key

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I am using v4.5 at the moment, planning to upgrade to 5, however it has less extensions, that said...


I just cant find how to license this, i have created an account at snom one, i ordered ONE FREE, i received the proof of purchase (with a Order Number), however when i log in to my account at SNOM ONE it says "This license for this system can be reset 1 more times", ive not had it the first time, its not in spam, i received all the other emails so how do i get a license key?


ive not install v5 yet.


When i do will i have issues as i have phone config files and what will happen with hunt groups as i can only have 1 in version 5?


How will it it loose all the features not available in version 4.5 (such as 5 extra extensions etc...)?

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Step #1: Backup your configuration (make a copy of the working directory).


Then after the upgrade, apply the license key that you have received. This is a key in the form 5XX-XXX-XXX-XXX. This will have the PBX talk to the snomone.com back-end and load the real license key (base64 code) into the PBX. The code is locked to your hardware and cannot be transferred to another hardware. Then it should be running. Common problems are that the firewall is blocking the PBX from reaching out to www.snomone.com or that there is no DNS server configured on the system.


After it is running: Make another backup.


The reset comes into play when your hardware dies and you need to move the PBX to a backup hardware. Restore the backup from the system on that hardware; the license will not work then. Here comes the reset into play: Go to www.snomone.com and reset the license. Then you can reactivate the license on the new hardware. The point here is that this reset mechanism is automatic (24/7). You don't have to wait until someone wakes up and comes back from weekend or holidays. In a case of a hardware failure, you have no time for that and need an automatic mechanism to restore the PBX service.

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Ive just had a call from "snom one" who now explains SNOM sold there PBX software (to someone called Vodia Networks), is this good or bad?????


He also explained the key is the order number, i had the order number, however nothing on there website explained that this is the key (this was the problem i was having).


What about the older SNOM hardware (like the SNOM SOHO), will those continue to work now they (SNOM) have sold the PBX software, i liked the way v4.5 works, if i dont like 5 then will roll back to 4.5, however as its no longer supported what will happen?

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