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5.0.7 (Win 64) No extn ringback tone


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Downloaded/installed/licensed 5.0.7.(Win 64) to a new machine and found the following issues.


Audio_moh was missing from the folder list. No problem there, just find another copy and that's fixed.


More troubling is the lack of ring tone when calling from one extn to another. Nothing on either the handset or speaker of the calling extn. Destination extn rings normally


No audio when a call is forwarded to a mailbox. No prompts, no greetings


No audio when calling your own mailbox


Restarted services etc, downloaded and installed the Win32 pxctrl.exe file just in case it was 64 bit related (like i think the 5.0.3 release), but still no change


Phones are 720's initially at, but changed to just in case


Have just defaulted to factory config and issues all still exist.


System is using audio_uk language pack which appears to be ok. 415 files all that have been tried have played correctly.


Any suggestions ?

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