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Upload custom "error messages'


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I have a customer that is requesting to upload their own, custom error messages.


By error message I mean this - If you dial an invalid extension number, the system will play an 'error' message that states it was an invalid extension.


In this case they have a 24 hour support queue and a 9-5 support queue, each with non consecutive 5 digit 'account' numbers assigned.


The idea is to give out a 'unique' passcode to the 24/7 support customers. That unique password is the non consecutive 5 digit 'account' number. this way they dial the non consecutive 5 digit 'account' number, which rings a queue that has no service flags and will forward out to the on call cell. If the customer mis-dials, they dont want the system default error messages, but a custom "Please dial the passcode again" message.


Is this possible on a domain basis? It cant be global for obvious reasons.


Thanks in advance!



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This is the file you will need to replace aa_not_existing.wave it's found under audio_en, when you swap the wave file make sure you keep the same "aa_not_existing" naming convention otherwise the pbx will not recognize the name.



But will it be a global change across all domains on the pbx?

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I suppose the idea was to send the user who has the 5 digit code to an the IVR from the AA "destination choices" after verified based on the 5 digit code they will be routed to the 9-5 support queue rather then changing the wav file globally.

Thanks for that great idea! It worked.


To reiterate what I did:


Created IVR Node

Made the new IVR node the destination for the AA

Created the dtmf match list to reflect the input I want and the destination


Works great, There is no invalid string cause the system is looking to match the input. Only problem was dead air (No recording after initial message plays)


Placed it to time out every 10 seconds and trigger itself so the message will 'cycle'.


Thanks again.



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