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System calling back cell after hangup


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Im having a strange issue. Here's the scoup:


The customer calls into the system from their cell phone and navigates through the system (AA>HG>Ext>VM). After they hangup, they receive a callback from the system.


Whats stranger still is that most of the extensions have no cell phone number associated so the system would not recognize them.


This is on an old pbxnsip box ver They are on Polycoms too I believe.


If I remember correctly there is a setting in the voicemail box thats something to the effect of "To receive a call back, press ..." Maybe this is set or acting screwy? I could not find where to modify this setting on the webui


Perhaps this is a known bug that has been fixed with an update? The cust says this just started recently. After they were setting call forwarding with the star code.

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Can you check if there is anything in the directory "autocallbacks"? Take a look at the entries if there is something that makes sense. Quick & dirty solution is to delete the entries (or move the whole directory away) there and restart the system.

I assume this would be in the Snom working directory /usr/local/pbxnsip


There is no directory "autocallbacks". Would it be a sub directory?

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Heres a list of directories in my working directory:

































nfs_recordings (Directory created for call recordings)











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Hmm. Yea that did not work. Actually what if the user accepts the call? Then the callback should be done and the system removes it from the to-do list.


In any case a restart will reset the callback list. That is why the list is not present in the file system.

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I restarted the service 3 days ago (Monday). The cust just got back and said that are still receiving call backs. She said it took 10 minutes for the system to call her back. The system calls back the same cell that calls in. The CallerID on the callback displays the ANI info of the extension. They say its not consistent, but sporadic.


How do these callbacks get setup in the first place?


Any more thoughts/suggestions?

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Ive noticed something strange.


I have a DID that I often use for testing. This number is obviously not owned by anyone and has been used on multiple domains.


On the daily CDR report sent out at midnight, I see that my test DID is listed in the "To:" filed with the actual DID they are dialing in parenthesis after. e.g. TEST-NUMBER(DID ON DOMAIN). I should mention that at present, the test DID is nowhere on the pbx. The call log also shows the autocallback from the system. Seems to be consistently 10 minutes after the initial call.


This is happening on 95% of the calls. This is on more than one domain. I would be happy to send a private message to an administrator so you can see the call log.


This has to be a clue on why we are getting callbacks. This is a major issue and I need it resolved asap. Any help is appreciated.

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One thing that we will add in the next version is a duration how long the callbacks will be active. For example, it does not make much sense to call back after days of inactivity. That will at least reduce the problem with callbacks getting out of control.


That's great! Any suggestions for the version Im running now?


The "Offer Camp On" setting is disabled on the settings page of the domain. I tested this by creating a test extension, dialing another extensions vmail directly with the 8 prefix. I heard his personal recording and then the system came on and said to press pound for further options after recording or to press 0 for the operator. Nothing for a call back.

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You can delete the entries in the autocallback directory; however this will require a restart of the system. The next version should not be too far away (if you want to have a build, send me a PM)

I appreciate the suggestion, but as I mentioned before, this directory does not exist on my system. The service has been restarted.

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