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Iptables setup for ver 5.0.9


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Ive got a new install of ver 5.0.9.


Im having issues getting the phones to connect. In a packet capture I noticed that all the sip REGISTER requests were coming from the phone and none back from the pbx. I modified iptables manually to open port 5060 by coping over the rules from a ver 4.5.X snomone box. This worked for a while until I restarted the snomone service. Now im unable to get my soft phone and snom370 to connect, even with the same iptables rules in place. I turned iptables off and tried registering and was unsuccessful. Apparently, iptables is not the issue.


However, In the installation wiki ( http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Installations ) it states, "Please note that you will might have to configure your firewall (iptables). On CentOS6.3 we needed to change the iptables setup;"


This is on a centos box. I do not see where in that article it mentions these modifications.


Ive scoured the web interface and did not find anything that would enable the system to respond.


Again - The sip registrations are coming through from the phone, but there is no response from the snomone server.



Please help

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