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iPad Softphone Suggestions


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I have a customer asking if there is an iPad softphone app that will work with Snomone.


I believe that Snomone used to push the 'M9' softphone, but If I remember correctly, this has been phased out as the M9 is now a cordless SIP device.


Is there an Apple soft phone app that Snom supports?


Is there an Apple soft phone app that anyone has got to successfully connect and receive/place calls?


We use X-Lite for our soft phones and apparently the makers of that also make an apple app called Bria. I would hope that it will work similarly, but Ive never used it.



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Bria or X-lite is probably the best that you can get for iPad. You can use it along with the new web-based attendant console, which should work in the iPad browser as well. With Bria/X-lite you can cover the voice part, and with the WAC you can see what is going on in the domain and drag & drop for transfers.

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