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Include the cell phone in calls to extension/hunt group not working


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I need to have an extension ring simultaneously with the cell phone # associated with the extension. Not sure whats going on here.


I have the cell phone number added under the redirection tab. It is set to include cell on calls to extension/hunt group/queues. Its not ringing out to the cell when the extension is called directly, or rang through a hunt group or queue.


Im really not sure whats going on here. What can I look for in a packet capture that indicates the system is trying to call the cell?


Is there a general setting I need to enable to forward out to cell phones? I have not found one.


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I set call forwarding with the star code. When I call in, the call disconnects. I get an error from my phone provider and not the pbx. I did a pcap with call forwarding enabled and I get a 404 not found responding to the invite request . Why would this happen? :blink:


Seems like twinning is not adding the cell number, and a straight forward is somehow voiding the extension.


I really hope this is just happening on this test domain and not a production domain (all on the same server) as there are several forward in place.

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The problem seems to be with this one domain. The system recognizes the cell number cause I get the special prompt when I call the IVR.


Im no where near my limit for trunks/domains/extensions per my license.


Often times Ill use the same cell phone/snom phone for testing in all of these domains. Could that be an issue?

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Can you call the cell phone from an extension, using the *00<ext> star code? Then that's a good sign that the cell phone call works in principle.


Then when that is working, try to call the extension from the outside and see if the cell phone twinning works. If that does not work, then we know the problem is not related to the hunt groups.


One "classical" problem is that the service provider rejects the call because the From-header shows a number that is not coming from the PBX. Changing the SIP headers in the trunk and fix the caller-ID to a number on the PBX will then fix that problem.

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