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Voicemail with CallExtension dialplan not working


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I have the following problem:


I have extension 1000000 ( dial plan 300 is a speed dial for this extension ).


If i enter from phone the call forwarding, then i can dial this number from outside ( by sip uri ), and the forwarding is working fine.


MY GSM Phone -> call +1234124352342 -> ring my extension 1000000 ( based on sip uri ) -> my extension rings +1-800-0000000, and the call is connected well.


If i try to call the 300 to reach the extension 1000000 i get into someone's voicemail menu, which is strange, as my extension, and also the extension 1000000 has voicemail turned off.


What i need now is to call someone else's extension within the same dial plan by speeddial ( Call Extension ) if the extension is busy.


Please help me find a solution.

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Extensions with more than 6 digits are considered telephone numbers. That means that they are considered to start with a + sign and have a country code and possibly also a area code in front of it.


Consider giving the extension also a short alias name with less than 6 digits.

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