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provisionning M9R with snomone 5.0.10a


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i've configure mac address of my base on 4 extensions on my snomone, but only one extension is set automaticaly as first identity on m9r base. How can set automaticaly the 3 others?


all other parameters of provisionning are ok on the base.


with snomone v5.0.5, i've not this problem.


i think, there's a problem with the generated files on v 5.0.10a who have only the last extension with mac adress binded and not the 3 others.

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Can you check the generated folder in the working directory of the PBX if those 4 extensions were actually provisioned into the m9? In theory, they should show up in the snom_m9_settings.xml file.


on the v 5.0.5 there's for each extension a generated file who have the 4 extensions idx1, idx2, etc


on the v 5.0.10a there's a generated file only for the last extension who has the mac adress bind, and thre's only his extension set in xml file

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Hmm.. What is the Provisioning Server? And the HTTP Client User and Password?

The provisionning server is my snomone: http://ipbxaddress/prov/snom-m9-macaddres.xml

the base and the server is on the same lan, no dhcp configure, no broadcast pnp.


i tried with the first extension as http client, and without information in http client


on my configuration who works with a snomone v5.0.5, it's ok without http client in security parmaters of m9r

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I think the change to use the MAC address in all configurations might have caused the issue.




i don't understand what you want to explain me


i've tested with the attached file paste in a folder html that i ve created but the problem is the same


only the last extension is set


can you give me the good process to provision multi-account on m9r?

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