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Automatic Dialing

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Up until today, every customer went happy with the scheme of pressing "Enter" to send out a call and I had been able to make my "simple" dial plans directing calls to trunks according to the first digits of a call. Now, a new prospect wants "automatic" dialing. I mean, they do not want to press enter to send out a call. After reading the wiki, I understand that I could use regular expressions but that should be done on the phone, not on the pbx. Problem being, after plug and play, there isn't a field in the GUI of the phone to do such a thing, so I am lost in the woods.


Here, All national long distance is 12 digits and all start with the digits 01. All international long distance start with 00 and in the special case of the USA and Canada we know that in total (including the 00) the digits will be 13, for other countries is impossible to anticipate how many digits and the call would have to be sent out after a few seconds of waiting for more digits to be entered. All cellular, regardless of local or long distance, start with 04 and have 13 digits in total (including the 04) and any other trunk call (non extension) would have to be a local call and those are 8 digits.


How can I tackle this request?



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Automatic dialing remains to be a major pain in the neck. Put it this way: Think about a customer who wants automatic dialing on the cell phone. The cell phone network is simply not designed for that. So is SIP. On Android, you could modify the dialer to hit the green button automatically once the number is so-and-so long. Who knows, maybe there is really such an app out there; but I don't think it is a big success.


Anyway, for SIP we did some workarounds for the US region where codes are usually 10 digits long. However my experience it is still easier to tell customers "SIP works like your cell phone". The number of button presses is the same, considering that they don't have to grab an "outside line" (which is not happening on SIP anyway).


You can take a look at the dialplan.xml file (which is in the templates). There you see how it works in the US; and that could be a starting point for Mexico as well.

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I will try to keep it simple. Even if I were able to find out the right dial plan, for rest of the world long distance (non-USA or Canada) there would be the need for time out dialing since it is impossible to anticipate how many digits are needed, and once there, if we leave too short a time, the call will be sent before it should, and too long a time will desperate the user, and since too short or to too long depends on the user, somebody is not going to be happy. I will stand with the analogy of cell phones.



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