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Call Forwarding issues


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Ive got a problem on one of my domains.


The system will not forward out either by cell phone rules or 'forward all calls to'.


Testing on other domains it works fine, but something on this domain is broken.


My cell settings are as follows:


Include the cell phone in calls to extension:



When calling the extension in a hunt group:

Include cell phone in the group


When calling the extension in an agent group:

Include cell phone in the group




As I said before, This is failing on both the cell phone redirect and the "Call forward all calls to:"


What could be breaking this on this one domain?


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When I dial *00(Extensoin #) there is an immediate response form the pbx that says, "There is no answer to your request. To receive a call back..."


I did migrate this domain off an old pbxnsip box. Perhaps there is an old setting that carried over?

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sounds like the call never went out... are you able to call the cell phone by dialing it directly? Can you copy/paste the log file of the failing scenario on this thread





I tried sending you a personal message and I got this error:

The member MR X cannot receive any new messages

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