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Have some extensions that ALWAYS ring


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I currently have the following set-up. I have a phone on my desk logged in as me, extension 44. From there I am logged into several agent groups. I have colleagues with the same situation. We also have some phones in communal areas and we want these to ring at the same time as any desk phone in case people are away from their desks. Currently we do this by having the communal phones logged in to half a dozen identities so if extension 44 rings, it rings on several phones.


This seems to be causing a problem as I am guessing the server only allows 4 or 5 registrations on each account.


Is there another way to get the communal phones to always ring with any other extension without logging them in as the individual accounts?


Most of the phones in question are Snom 870's with a couple of 821's if it makes any difference.

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You can control how many registrations are allowed per extension with the setting in the extension and on domain and system level. The limitation is primarily to keep damage away from the PBX, e.g. having 100 registrations creates a storm of INVITE packets every time the extension is included .

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Okay, now I know it's there I found that setting and upped it to 10. Thanks.


Is there a way to get an extension to ring without logging it in to multiple users? For example I have users on accounts 41, 42, 43 and 44 and agent groups on 71 and 72. It would be awesome to be able to log in a phone to 71 and 72 so the agent group it's self rang the phone and instead of logging in to 4 users it just logged it to 2 groups.

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