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Vodia PBX

Version 5.1.2

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We have build 5.1.2 for Windows 32/64, CentOS 32/64, Debian 32/64, ARM (snom ONE mini), FreeBSD 64 and MacOS Intel/PowerPC. Currently this is only available as upgrade; for new installations in Windows and Mac for time being please use the 5.1.1 installer and upgrade to 5.1.2 from there.


Those who are using Polycom phones need to take care about their TFTP directory. We have updated the documentation for Polycom phones at http://www.snomone.com/documentation/pnp_polycom; instead of loading huge (!) files that contain the firmware for all devices, they are now using the split-up images. This makes it also a lot easier to deal with the newer and older devices in the same installation.


The release notes are to be found still on the Wiki (http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Release_5.1). Especially those who love short messages services on their cell phones will like the fact that the PBX can now text users upon arrival of voicemail messages and missed calls. There was some discussion on the http://blog.snomone.com/ about it already, but now the messaging also is available in user space.

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the bug with the duplicate address entries are fixed ;-)

The second bug in the adress book is still open.


Privat contacts are visible on all phones and the settings Standard, Domain, Privat or Both has no function for us tested on 870,720



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