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LDAP not showing incomming caller name


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I have some problems to setup the LDAP on my Snom 320.


The phone gets the diretory from the Snom one LDAP, but if the caller is in the phoneboox the phone will only show the caller number but not the name. The Firmware is snom320-SIP 8.4.35 on the 320...


The Sonom m9r is working for the LDAP lookup, i do have the same config on the 320's but there it is not working, mybee it is just a little button somewhere...


Thanks, Sascha



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For incoming calls the phones usually don't look up the name... at least that is provisioned automatically. The PBX already puts the name into the From header. If you still want to do an LDAP lookup, make sure that you are using 5.1.2; regarding LDAP this version makes sure that the common name is unique in the result list.

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