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Feature request - Park Orbit MOH with Announcements


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First of all, I would like to explain my point of view.I did not participate to this forum since a while as I was, like many other users, almost shocked by the new licensing policy which is deceptive in comparison with previous SnomONE policy. Especially also because you deleted all previous versions which allowed small business to get a free 10-extension PBX with Call queues and several IVR. In order to get those features today under version 5 it would cost at least 695 USD. From 0 to 695 USD I think there might be a better middle.


I can understand that any work has to be paid however the pricing structure has so dramatically increased... But I have to admit that SnomONE remains an excellent PBX that is easy and simple to configure and upgrades are time demanding.


Thus, I was wondering for proposing a new feature. Like for ACD group, I think it would be pretty nice to allow to set greetings with automixing with MOH for parking orbits. (to allow messages hearing).


Similarly, MOH Group could be imagined to allow upload music background and to record up to 5 or 10 greetings that would mix with the uploaded music.


Do you think such feature could be implemented?


Kind regards,



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In the park orbit, you can choose your MoH source. You can also select if want to hear just a short tone or the park orbit announcement. Right now we don't have audio prompts similar to the ACD. I agree, this is something that makes sense to add as well. Workaround is obviously to create a WAV file that includes the prompts and then use that as the MoH source.

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