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Call Dropped after 11 minutes


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I am constantly having the audio of the call completely drop out after 11 minutes of talking.


It seems like the call timers on both sides continue but I get an RTP Timeout soon after the drop.


I need to manually hang up both phones for them to disconnect tho. (Cell phone for external and softphone for internal)


These calls are dropping on all phones including physical phones.


Can anybody help with this problem? It is extremely urgent!


Thank you all for your help!

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There is a RTP timeout after 11 minutes. The phone seems to stop sending media after 10 minutes I guess, and then the PBX eventually pulls the plug. The phone (3CXPhone) should send comfort noise or some other keep-alive traffic to keep the media connection alive, otherwise it will not work with NAT anyway. Try using other soft phones, they all do that.


If the call drops while you are talking (the phone cuts off the media), then there is probably a license issue with the soft phone. Maybe it is a demo license that works only for 10 minutes?

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