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Group Pick up not working

Carlos Montemayor

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I just noticed that I am unable to do a group pick up. When I try, I get a "not found" message on the phone display and in the log file of the pbx I see a "undirected call pick up failed" line, then I see that the *87 call is evaluated against the dial plan. Curiosly, if I do a directed call pick up (*87 plus the extension) it works just fine. I am using version 5.1.2 (Debian64) hosted version and Yealinks with the latest firmware. I imagine I have some configuration issue, but I have not been able to get it right. What can it be?



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Well if *87 is run against the dial plan than that code is not part of the domain star code collection?! Check the codes of the domain, maybe something has changed there by accident. Although in that case the directed pickup should not work either. For *87 the PBX would go through the pickup preference for the extension, maybe there is something wrong on the extension setting.

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