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Wron Caller ID showing after internal Transfer


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Hi Guys


I have a problem with our new snomone appliance. We use version 5.1.2 of Snomone with SPA941 and Snom 320 phones. External calls show the right caller ID, but if we transfer the call, the caller id of the internal number is on the display. is it possible, that the external caller id shows after transfering?


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The Caller-ID topic is unsatisfactory in SIP. Originally the idea was that the phone shows the From-Header. However because it is not allowed to change that header during a conversation (at least not in the beginning), the companies started to do workarounds with Remote-Party-ID, P-Asserted-Identiy and INFO messages with sipfrag attachments. Unfortunately if you got it working with one phone type, it does not work with the next type. We have it on our to-do list to try another approach like now; however honestly this will not guarantee satisfaction.

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