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5.2. will have a new banner anyway. Not sure why it takes so long for you... But the customization topic is on the to-do list.


We also tried to play with background images for the phones. However it was a frustrating experience. It seems to be impossible just to change the background image without having to re-do the whole idle screen logic. :(

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I set the logos and custom banners all over, but I get this on WAC. Could you tell me what is going on?


Software-Version:	5.2.1 (Vodia mini PBX)
Build Date:	Mar 4 2014 11:30:31
License Status:	Vodia PBX premium 10 (Vodia mini PBX (xxxxxxxxxxxx)) xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
License Duration:	Permanent
Additional license information:	 Domains: 1/1, Calls: 0/10, G729A: 5, Extensions: 7/10, Attendants: 1/10, Callingcards: 1/1, Hunt Groups: 4/10, Paging Groups: 1/10, Service Flags: 2/10, IVR Nodes: 0/10, Agent Groups: 1/10, Conference Rooms: 1/10, CO Lines: 0/10, Adhoc Recording, WebRTC support, Fax2Email
Working Directory:	/pbx
MAC Addresses:	xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
DNS Servers:
IPv4 Addresses:,x.x.x.x,x.x.x.x
CDR Records:	O=40, T=18, E=40, I=24
Calls:	total: 30/10 current: 0/0
SIP packet statistics:	Tx: 28236 Rx: 28183
Emails:	Successful sent:7 Unsuccessful attempts:83
Available file system space:	94%
Uptime:	23:36:57 Memory=53523K
Number of HTTP sessions:	6 (2 requests)
Domain Statistics:	1 (19 users)
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I get this way with Chrome, Safari and IE, well with Chrome I get WebRTP working. So it is kind of universal. And it is still this way with 5.2.2. The very disturbing problem is that the user can hardly see the Home | Help | Logout link on top right. Hope you have it fixed very soon.



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