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How to get rid of Messages "Adress change"?

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I've set up an extension for a doorphone which works very fine. But every two minutes I get an email, telling me:


Source address for "2N EntryCom IP Uni" <sip:19@mypbx.com>;tag=22804 has changed from udp:xx.xx.xx.xx:44710 to udp:xx.xx.xx.xx:44712 (Different ports every time, of course).


I've checked all the settings to stop these emails, even restarted the pbx but without success. Since a few days I've got thousands of emails.


I've checked these settings:

  • Extension-Level / eMail-Settings: all eMail-Notifications are disabled
  • Extension-Level / Registration-Settings: Log registration change = no logging
  • Domain-Level: No settings found to change this behaviour
  • PBX-Level: Status / Logging: All Log Levels = 0 Important / SIP-Logging = All NO

Any idea which setting I've missed?


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Well apart from that, those messages are sent for a reason. If the address changes, there is a blind spot where phones cannot be reached.


I know that in Germany and also other countries like Taiwan, because of the shortage of IPv4 addresses, service providers keep on changing IP addresses at night. If it happens really in the middle of the night, it should be fine as long as nobody makes phone calls during this time. Also seems like Outlook cannot have rules that apply to certain hours of the day :(. Can't wait to see IPv6 being rolled out to the mainstream, then those problems will disappear!

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