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Restoring snomONE Plus - Need iso image

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I`ve got a problem with our snomONE Plus system. After the power board did a silent death due to overheating (known issue) I can`t start the pbx any longer.

To bypass this I`ve tried to reinstall it as per Restoring System Image


My main problem is now that the given link http://snomone.com/downloads/clonezilla-live-snomONEplus-1.2.1.iso is no longer existing.


Can anyone help with this? As the system was really not cheap I would be quite disappointed if we can`t use it any longer because the only thing that was provided by now was to by a 5.x license for 50% of the price but this is not a solution for us...


Every help is appreciated!






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Great, thank you very much! Would really appreciate if you could provide the image as I see no chance to find it anywhere and don`t know how to reinstall it without the image :-/

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