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Incoming Call Failover

Nijin Narayanan

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We have configured SIP trunk with 5 DID numbers. And incoming calls are routing to its destination based on Request-URI.


But we noticed that, For the incoming call from some telecom carriers, our sip trunk provider adding some junk character with its Request-URI. So that we lost those calls.


Correct Request-URI is 1234556@ but sometime we got si123456@ & 123456%23@ for some telecom carriers(this was changed few times). We already reported this with them.


Is there any way to handle those calls if the PBX is received wrong Request-URI ? to send all those calls to an extension or to IVR ?

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Current Config:

Destination for incoming calls: Send calls to destination in the Request-URI


DID Range is 0441003000571 - 0441003000577


Extension & its alias starts from 881/0441003000571- 887/0441003000577


Is the below configuration is correct ?


Destination for incoming calls: Match extension after prefix

Source for caller-ID: Request-URI

Default Account: 70 - AA (Account for Failover Calls)

Prefix: 04410030005

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The thing with the prefix is that it can start also after the country code. It is really just a text search in the number, for example 30005 could be okay for you. Then the PBX will take the rest of the number (e.g. 71) and try to match it to a alias number in the domain.

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To match the 4 last digit in 1234556@ you can use the setting under the routing/redirection "Use a list of expression" in the trunk setting.

I use this expression for testing works like a charm !([0-9]{4}$)!\1!t however you the option use the entire DID ex 1234556 or just add 4556 in the extension alias the PBX should be able match the incoming call without a problem.

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