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mount a large usb for recordings

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Symbol link in the file system? They are permanent. The PBX has no influence on that.


1 TB is a lot. Does the system maybe perform a file system check after reboot? That would take longer I guess. Can you log in with SSH after reboot and check if you can manually mount the drive? Do other drives lets say with 200 GB work without problems?

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Dont have aby problems mounting the drive, works fine.


The issue is keeping the symbolic link after a reboot.


Is it possible to just change the location within the Snom application for recordings to say "/media/usb0/recordings" instead of using a symbolic link. The problem is the memory on the SoHo is just so small.

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I did a little bit of research on the search terms "linux external drive reboot symbolic lnk", This seems to be a general Linux problem, not only for the embedded Linux.


But I think it is also possible to specify an absolute path for the recording location, e.g. /media/usb/recordings/$i-$d.wav

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