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Integration with SugarCRM

Keven Vachon Kiptel

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I would like to integrate SugerCRM too, Please help me out!


Has anyone been able to figure this out? I'd like to accomplish this, as well. I recently got SugarCRM Community Edition up and running on a GoDaddy shared-hosting account.

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Another topic that we have on the to do list for centuries... Now that we have made some good progress with stuff like ActiveSync maybe this could be next! Because we don't have any SugarCRM inhouse it would be great if we can get some access for the integration.


I can give you access. I'll create a user account for you & PM you the credentials.

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There are some things to consider:


First of all, what do we want to enter the CRM system when making or receiving calls and in what way?


There are many different combinations and everyone would like it in their specific way. So, integration is one thing but also how do we provide the flexibility to the customers to enter whatever they want and when.


For example, we have already done one way of it and if it suits someone, maybe they can use it already. However it has not been vigorously tested, nor on all versions and flavors of the CRM. If you want to test it though, all you will need is a CRM license from us on one of our latest versions, preferably 5.2.4.


It is implemented as follows:


You enter the CRM URL (version included) in a setting together with the username and password of the account in the CRM where the entries should be made. These settings are extension based so every person who has an account in the CRM will have his/her calls recorded in his/her account on the CRM.


Now, whenever a call is made or received on that extension, the PBX will record it in the CRM under calls for that extensions account with the destination number and duration. The PBX will also link the destination number to the contact that it finds in that CRM account which matches the number. And if the contact that was already entered by the user under an account, therefore it will be linked to the account in this way. The date and time of the call is already entered by the CRM system when the entry is made. The PBX makes this entry first when a call is connected with 0 duration, so that a person could check who it is (if the contact is found), and then refreshed that same entry when the call ends, so that the duration can be entered for the call.


So that's one way we have done it.


Another way would be to use our CSTA browser which triggers a URL in the default browser and can be used for say a CRM entry etc. Details here:




For people who may want to integrate it in their custom way, they can use our CSTA interface to get information from the PBX and also be able to control certain aspects of it. You can find details on our CSTA interface and API here:





I hope it helps.

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We integrated it a few years back for the community version. But I believe they have discontinued that and it seems they have also significantly changed the API model.
So whereas it worked then, it will probably not work now and may actually have to be done again from scratch, which will not happen soon IF we decide to add it again.

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