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Wrong Call Duration Reported


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(Vodia v5.2.2 hosted, Debian OS)


I noticed that the call duration reported in the call history for some calls (very few for the time being) is wrong. There isn't a pattern on the type of calls. Some are incoming calls, others are outgoing. Also calls to other extensions in the same domain and interdomain calls (with loopback enabled, interdomain calls aren't sent to the sip proxy). Even unanswered calls. There isn't also a pattern on the time of the day.


For instance:





The first one is a call I placed from my mobile to one of my colleagues. We talked for about 10 minutes. The duration of the call below is also wrong (besides, the maximum call duration is set globally to 4 hours).



Is there a bug or something else?

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Was anyone in the OS changing/updating the OS date/time? Or maybe a Linux system process is auto updating the system time?


I've done this myself, I noticed my PBX time was off by like 3 minutes so I went into the PBX Linux and ran command to update the system time and then noticed the live calls got dropped and the call time length was like 10 hours for the call.....the call got dropped because my global max call time is set to 4 hours.


Now I know to only update the OS/Linux time when no active/live calls are running.

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@ voipguy


thank you for your reply but I don't think that this is the cause in our case. I checked the logs without finding anything regarding a date/time change. In addition, in our case no call was dropped.


And we never perform administrative tasks while the system is in use. We always send maintenance notifications to our customers in advance.

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