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Incoming call display on phone


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I have a request to change the display on the phones (snom 821) for incoming calls to display the following:


1) Caller ID Name

2) Caller ID Number

3) Trunk Name (or alternately the ANI of the trunk)


Can I change this in custom headers w/o changing the headers sent back to the gateway for outbound calls?


The custom headers page (http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Trunk_Custom_Headers) says it's for outbound calls.


Thanks in advance!


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That's correct it's only used for outbound call. For incoming calls you can control this on the phone.


You can set the setting on the phone or provisioning the setting the xml phone template.




So there is no way to identify the trunk the call came in on to the called party on their phone without setting up button/line appearances?

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You can only show 2 piece of information on the phone, Caller name and number using the display method.



However you can use co-line to identify the trunk by using the buttons on the phone.



or use a Hunt group to define more information.


For example you can define Group name--Caller information

For the group name you can define the trunk name so user can see this on the phone screen




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