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concatenating star codes (ie going from 3 or 2 'callsto 1 step

Lyle Chritton

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So when blocking or unblocking your caller ID, it's a 3 step process involving:


dialing *67 and hanging up to block caller ID, then

dialing 19995551212 to dial a phone number with Caller ID blocked.

Then you have to dial *68 again to unblock your caller ID.


Just being able to dial in one step (as with any other cell or landline phone ) the string *6719995551212 to do both steps in one shot.


Same 3-step scenario above applies to *68 when in a caller-ID blocked phone setup.




There are other combinations as well...


*91 whitelist and *92 blacklist
Both of these should allow the addition of phone numbers at the end of the * code, so that numbers can be added directly from the phone.
*91phonenumber would add to the whitelist in 1 step
*92phonenumber would add to the blacklist in 1 step
lastly, in order to use the ACD outbound-calling ANI feature with the *64 code, you have to dial 3 times:
dial *68 to unblock caller ID
dialing *64ACD_alias - to log in to the single ACD group which sets the out-bound ANI
dialing 19995551212 to reach your party using that particular ANI
being able to just put the 1st three steps together would be nice. You'd need a separator character (#) to let the system know when the *64 star code ends, but it would be something like
One step to rule them all....
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