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Being able to call from a cell or land-line into the PBX & entering username and password to review Agent Group recordings

Lyle Chritton

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Being able to call from a cell or land-line in to a phone number on the PBX, simply entering a username, and then a password, and then be able to review Agent Group recordings.


I've had requests from supervisors and clients wanting this feature so they can check how things are going from the road (hands-free or speakerphone) or when they're not in the office.


(Internally from an extension, it would be great to be able to dial in to an Agent Group alias., entering a username and password, and then review the recordings.)
(Webwise - it would be nice to be able to use WebRTC to check Agent Group recordings with a username and password)
I've seen there have been other people asking for the same/similar feature.



Recordings not available from phone

Started by Kurt Harnish, Dec 06 2013 07:38 AM
How to get recordings out to customers
Started by sudo, Dec 05 2013 10:45 AM
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