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Multi Location pxbnsip setup


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Hello Specialists,


I am looking to implement a VoIP PBX system for our world wide locations and I am wondering if and how pbxnsip would be used/recommended to accomplish this.


General data:


- 4 locations (3 US, 1 Mexico) that should use pbxnsip

- 1 Headquater in Germany with Innovaphone IP305 as gateway

(works with the pbxnsip demo already nicely)

- each US/Mex location has about 4-8 PSTN lines and 20 extensions

- all locations are connected via VPNs with each other

- each location needs to maintain local PSTN numbers




Anyone using a pbxnsip setup like that yet?

Is it the best solution to place a pbxnsip at each location?

How do multiple pbxnsip exchange data with each other (easy extension dialing)?

How stable would be one central pbxnsip work?


Thanks in advance


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I think we had our own experience with such a kind of setup.


We tried to run the PBX locally through cable modems and other Internet connections. The result was that those connections tended to be so unstable that we got scared of accepting calls. Also, QoS is a huge, practically unsolvable problem.


Initially we had a server in New York in a nice colocation with a doubtless Internet connectivity. We thought it would be superflous. But it turned out that is the best way for us. We can register wherever we are (home, travel, office), and usually have a good connectivity. And at least when someone is calling in trough our ITSP, we know that that connection is rock solid.


DoS is an issue, but if you don't want to open the SIP ports to the whole world, you can easily move it to an "random" port (e.g. 45456) and DoS is not such a big problem. If you can limit the access to specific IP addresses on the built-in firewall (e.g. possible in SuSE Linux), then the system should be very stable. We also put a DoS protection into the latest versions that simply limits the number of new connections per second, so that the CPU always has enough time to process everything.


So far our system on public IP did not get into any trouble. But we are just a small trial - so the 100 % success rate might not be representative...

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