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Call Extension and Two stage dialing to use a Gateway

Carlos Montemayor

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I have been trying to terminate calls through a remote Gateway and the only setup that I have been able to make work is one where the Gateway registers a trunk with the PBX and such trunk is reached by calling the extension. It does work, however, the not so pretty thing is that I have only been able to make it work with two stage dialing. Calling the extension where the trunk registered, only gives you dial tone, and then you can place your call successfully. Since my end users have learned to dial the whole needed number, getting a second dial tone after dialing the whole thing is going to startle them.


I remember that many moons ago, during the times when modems were used, placing a coma would pause the dialed numbers. Every coma would add some seconds. Time that was needed to get the dial tone to place a trunk call. For example, in an environment where you needed to dial 9 to grab a trunk line, you could dial in the modem 9,XXXXXXX or even 9,,XXXXXXX or as many comas you needed. If something like that could be done in a dial plan, the two stage dialing could become transparent to the end user.


Is there a work around for this kind of situation?

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