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"Assume that call comes from extension" is missing from version 5


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In version 4 we have a trunk for incoming calls with the setting "Assume that call comes from extension" 200

That way it redirects all incoming calls to the dial plan of that user.

In version 5 we can't find this setting anywhere.



After reading the manual I thought maybe I had to try the setting "Use a list of expressions" and I tried with this expression:




but I get not founds and the logs show this:


[5] 20141024181559: Port 26: Incoming call in domain XXXX on port 26 trunk YYYY (102)
[8] 20141024181559: Port 26: Changing the user to 200 because of trunk setting
[8] 20141024181559: Trying to match number 1234567890 with ERE .*$
[8] 20141024181559: Send call to extension ERE returned +1234567890
[8] 20141024181559: User +1234567890 not found in domain XXXXX

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Thanks for the help. It's indeed better/cleaner than ver. 4.


For anybody googling their way to this thread:

On the trunk settings you set "Yes" under "Inter-Office Trunk --> Trunk may terminate calls for remote systems" and then set the dial plan to "Dial plan for outbound calls"

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