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5 additional extension licenses


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I bought 5 additional extension licenses for my snomone (mini) twenty "off the menu". After a license activation, 20/25 extensions shown in the general status (before 20/20). Then I've created a new extension. But the extension has a little "B" and can't registrate. Reboot could not solve the problem ...

Status General


Software-Version: 5.1.1 (snom ONE mini) Build Date: Aug 17 2013 11:37:15 License Status: Vodia PBX twenty (pbx.ggizef.lokal) 5D1-T3Y-CGT-xxx License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Domains: 1/1, Calls: 0/10, G729A: 10, Extensions: 20/25, Attendants: 1/4, Callingcards: 0/2, Hunt Groups: 4/4, Paging Groups: 0/0, Service Flags: 2/20, IVR Nodes: 3/20, Agent Groups: 0/1, Conference Rooms: 1/2, CO Lines: 0/20, Adhoc Recording, Barge, Listen, Whisper, Trunk Accounting, Prepaid, Fax2Email Working Directory: /usr/local/snomONE MAC Addresses: 000413441xxx DNS Servers: IPv4 Addresses: CDR Records: Duration(30d): trunk = 1000, extension = 337, ivr = 1000 Calls: Total 1/1, Active 0/0 Calls SIP packet statistics: Tx: 3144 Rx: 3152 Emails: Successful sent: 6 Unsuccessful attempts: 0 Available file system space: 46% Uptime: 2014/10/30 16:05:05 (uptime: 0 days 00:37:28) (55673 59568-0) WAV cache: 0 Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: 2; Threads: SIP=14, HTTP=5 Domain Statistics: Total Domains: 1, Total Accounts: 33


Status Domain


On this page you find an overview on the domain in general and about the accounts used in the domain. More information can be found in the call log, the page for the current calls and in the overview on registered phones.

Version: 5.1.1 (snom ONE mini)


Extensions 20 Attendants 1 Conferences 1 Hunt Groups 4 Agent Group (Queues) 0 Calling Cards 0 Paging Groups 0 Service Flags 2 IVR Nodes 3 CO Lines 0 Registered Extensions 18 Total 32


regards gifti

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