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Conference call recording


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Im not sure if this is a bug but it seems that conference calls recorded by the system automatically go into the ‘recordings’ folder in the root of the PBX which has the voicemails and other system related recordings?

They don’t seem to be placed in the location specified in the ‘Record Location’ in the system admin options.


I have tested this on the latest version 5.2.4 as below;


The conference was recorded and placed in the recordings directory, all other recorded calls are being placed in the directory specified in ‘record location’


The naming of the conference recordings is not helpful either it just seems to be random numbers eg conference1413620924-63.wav I have no way of knowing which domain/conference this recording is from! I can’t see a way to alter this either.


Also I don't see an option to record calls in the conference settings?



The only place I see a recordings option Is within the individual extension PBX interface for scheduled conferences?


any insight would be helpful as I don't seem to be getting anywhere with vodia directly.. I keep being told conferences are not automatically recorded but they blatantly are...

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You have 2 options on how to retrieve the recording.


1.If automatic recording is turned on then you can retrieve the recording in the (recorded calls) under features.


I am running version 5.2.4a " What OS are you running we can provide you with link"


2. If the moderator is part of the conference he/she can activate the recording using the recording star code *93 to start and *94 to stop the recording.

When the conference is about over the user can stop the recording (*94) or hang up. The recording will be found in the users portal under voice-mail.






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We are using windows 64 bit, I can see the recording is under Features >>> recorded calls but we are archiving call recordings and allowing customers FTP access to the server. They cannot see the files because they don't go into the domain recording folder which is specified? the problem here is that we have to delete the xml files in the 'recs' folder due to PBX performance the user cannot access call recordings this way.


Is there no way this can be set or implemented. It doesn't really make sense to be considering all other automatic recordings go into the correct folder.

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Just to answer your original question, it's not a bug, we pack all the recordings including VM, auto recording etc into the recording folder. The naming convention could improve some <_< but this a big overhaul.


We do have some 3rd party alliance that put the recording into prospective as well as CDRs.





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