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Buttons configuration on Aastra 6755i

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I'm trying to use the buttons part of the extensions configuration.


So I created in the Buttons menu of my domain a file for my Aastra 6755i.




Then I choose this file under the Buttons part of my extension.




After that, I tried it on my phone but it seems the provisioning is not done. I tried to restart my phone but I don't have any response.

I went into the webpage of my phone to see if the programmable keys were set up after the provisioning but it's not the case, the fields are blank. Like I said, it's seems all the modifications on the buttons part are not provisioned.


Is it possible to configure buttons on Aastra phones with Vodia PBX or am I missing something?





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Hi, Buttons is yet not configurable on the Aastra


Only for the following phone.





Cisco Spa


You'll have to configure the buttons manually.





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