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Playing different messages after hours based on the day of thw week


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we have a customer who wants to play one message one day a week for few hours and then switch to a different one for the rest of the night/week. This second message will play for the rest of the week after normal business hours. I am struggling to set this up, here is the scenario:


Monday regular hours are 8- 6 PM after this time one message will play till 10PM and then after 10 PM there will be another message (regular after hour message. This message will be playing for the rest of the week. So the only problem day is Monday between 6 PM and 10 PM. All other days are 8-6 regular hours.



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I guess I didn't communicate my confusion well enough? I am aware that I should resolve thisissue with service flags. The problem is I don't know how in this case. In other words how is one IVR going to play between 5 PM and 10 PM and then Regular message for the rest of the week comes on? Remember their regular time is


8 - 5 every day


Something has to click between 5 and 10 on Monday and then after 10 again for the rest of the week...

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