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Linking Cisco 8800 series phones to PBX


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We are attempting to link newer Cisco phones to our Vodia PBX running V5, however forum discussions, web searching, and the Vodia wiki only talk about 7900 series and earlier. Is anyone familiar with this setup and where I can find the config files? We are currently using Snom 870 phones and they just are not cutting it. Maybe there is a more recommended model? We would like to at least add Bluetooth capability.

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We did not have the Cisco 8800 series in the lab yet; however a brief look at the datasheet looks promising. The older Cisco series were primarily built for their own phone PBX system; interoperability was obviously not a priority. Maybe this phone goes beyond it, it would be interesting to get it at least registered with the Vodia PBX and see what SIP standards are supported.

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