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Paging Issue


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I've run into a problem with one of my servers where the paging extension rings all the phones instead of performing a page.


So scenario is like this:



Ext 100 calls paging extension 300 > 101, 102, 103


Instead of the phones being paged they just ring as if it was a call to a hunt group, and if you answer it proceeds with the page.


I've tried exporting the domain to two different servers to replicate the scenario and i seem to be experiencing the issue only on one server.


My servers are running Zeta Perseids.


Have you experienced an issue like this before?


What do you recommend i do? Is there something i should do to avoid this in the future?


Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your response.


How would i troubleshoot the phone not answering on the server end?


I exported the exact same domain with the exact same equipment to a secondary server with the same server configuration and it works without any issues. There is no constant ringing and no timeouts required.


My issue is that out of three servers only one experiences an issue with paging.


i guess i'll have to reboot the server at night and hope it solves the issue.


Will update the topic on Monday.



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Not sure if a reboot will help here. The problem is that for unicast paging, the PBX somehow needs to tell the phone to pick up the phone call without actually alerting the user. There is no real SIP standard for that, and it heavily depends on the device. There are even settings (security!) that may influence the behavior, which have not much to do with what is happening on the PBX. If that is the case you should be able to see that in the log files for the phone.


Anyway because of this, we have added a mechanism that connects the calls anyway I think after 3 seconds in the later versions.

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I've just tested the paging and it seems to be working fine after a reboot. I'm not sure what the PBX does or doesn't do behind the scenes but i guess after a reboot it started doing whatever it needs to in order to alert the phones to pick up the paging call.


I did compare the logs on the test calls i've made from both PBX's and it looked like on the bad server it wasn't allocating for call ports or opening sockets (during the page) but i don't know if this would be the cause of the issue or how to remedy it for the future.


Thank you for your help.

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