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External VoiceMail to Exchange server 2013


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win81proitx64 is the Vodia PBX domain


external vociemail = $u


Num. 2 extensions




A Exchange server Trunk


a Dialplan

200;Exchange UM;;6*;6*;;false

300;Exchange UM;;sip;*;;false this is the workaround


I must add the 300 ROW becouse of DialPlan block calls forwarded to external Voicemail


if 60001 call 60008 (Exchange server autoattendant) Dialplan transfer 60008 to echange trunk

[9] Dialplan evaluating .......aganist 60008@win81proitx54

[5] Dialplan ....match 60008@win81proitx64 to 60008@ExchangetrunkName


if 60001 call 6002 and do not exist the row 300 on the dialplan then the Dialplan do not forwards the call becous of the sip: prefix on the invite message


[6] redirecting to external voicemail account 60001 destination sip:60001@win81proitx64



sip/2.0 404 not found


If I add the row 300 to the Dialplan then the call is forwarded to Exchange trunk


I want to know what I should write in

"External voicemail" textbox of domain win81proitx64

to forward the calls as

redirecting to external voicemail account 60002 destination 60002@win81proitx64 without the sip: prefix






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