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Can't have a mailbox on my Auto Attendant


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I want to have a mailbox for all my extensions.


I have an auto attendant with a hunt group which contains 5 extensions.

When I call my number, all the extensions ring at the same time for 20 seconds as asked but when these seconds are expired, the call stops.

Here is my configuration of my hunt group and my mailbox:













Am I doing something wrong?




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You need to link the hunt group with the mailbox. For example if the mailbox extension is number 1200, you can put 1200 into the final stage. The mailbox will pick up immediately if you put in 81200, which means that it does not call any registered phone on that extension and goes to the mailbox immediately.

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First of all, thanks for your answer. I can see how it works and it's so simple.


But I have one missing issue. In my domain, I have a hunt group with some extensions, an auto attendant which told to press 1 or 2 to join a specific department and I have a mailbox.


Today, what I want is when someone calls us, the IVR tells him to choose one of the two options. And if he choose the second one or if he doesn't choose an option after some seconds, the hunt group is here to ring all the extensions. If nobody takes the call after 10 seconds, I need to have the mailbox. And that's my problem here.


If I choose in my trunk sip to redirect all calls to my IVR, I have the IVR and the hunt group working but not the mailbox. If nobody takes the call, it stops at the end of the ringing.

And if I choose to redirect all calls to my hunt group, after putting in the configuration of my hunt group the IVR in level 1, all my extensions in level 2 and my mailbox in final stage, the hunt group and the mailbox are working but not my IVR. I can't have it when I try to call us.



Is there a proper way to do what I want or am I missing something ?





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You mentioned a few scenarios.


What is the call flow here I am confused.


You want the incoming call to flow into the AA they choose option 2 ------> Goes to a HG-----> Phones ring-----> No one picks up------->Then Goes to VM?




You want the user to leave a VM when they reach the AA?

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