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Prefix for inbound calls


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I'm using Vodia PBX since some months and I added an 0 prefix for outgoing calls. So when calls ring on our phones, it's the real number which is showing. However, I can't use the redial button or the history function because the 0 prefix I have to add when I dial is not present.


So my question is: Is there a way I can add a 0 prefix for inbound calls? Or another way I can do what I want?





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In the modern PBX, you don't need prefixes any more. They come from ancient PBX where people had first to reserve a physical cable to make an outbound call (called seizing a line). Today it is much easier to tell the users to just dial the number like they dial a number on their cell phone: Enter the number and then press the dial button. Having prefixes makes callback and address book entries difficult and confusing.

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