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when will the Apple App be ready?


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For now you can use the web browser on the iPhone. Having voice on a iPhone is an entirely different story anyway. Android pushes and embraces WebRTC while I have the feeling that Apple sees this a lot more critical. It is not an option for Vodia to develop the whole RTP/SRTP/DTLS stack for a free iPhone app. So we must build on something that already exists. There are some rumors in the market that Apple will integrate WebRTC on Safari and then it makes sense to look into this again.

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iOS app is still yet to be developed, but if you're looking to move your PBX to Vodia's then you can let us know how many extensions of yours are coming on board which need this functionality or you can always setup a call with us to discuss this further on how we can fasten this process.

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... keep in mind there is a market for SIP soft phones that is becoming as competitive as for the hard phones - giving you a great choice in terms of OS, pricing, look, integrations and so on. We are increasingly focusing on integrating those. CounterPath and ZoiPer are already well integrated with provisioning, and future versions will add more of their features as well.

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Sorry to see this...

We are looking for a great multi-tenant PBX and our 888Voip rep asked me to look into Vodia with his highest recommendations... however, customers are looking for an iOS and Android client, like Zulu from Sangoma or the 3CX app. Obviously, these are single tenant systems... but Thirdlane has an app, too. 

Just sayin'



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Vodia also has an app - for Android. But it is not as good as other soft phones. Like with the hard phones, there is a market place for soft phones. Especially when it comes to small native apps, it IMHO is better to look at those apps.

Customers are not stupid, they can search the Internet in one second what a good soft phone is and it can be hard to sell them the (only) one that comes with a specific PBX. 

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Regarding CounterPath as an alternative for iOS clients, I wonder if the Voida PBX supports CounterPath's handover model for receiving calls when the client is not in the foreground.

The way it is supposed to work is described here: https://www.counterpath.com/assets/docs/guides/mob/mob_Retail_Ios_5.5.3/UG/Default.htm#clients/UserGuides/Mobile/Reference/mobBriaPushService.htm .

However, with Vodia PBX v62.0.1 I can't get this to work "out of the box" at lest. The PBX sends caller to voice mail if no other extensions are registered, maybe due to some unexpected behavior of the Bria Push Server. 

Would be nice if this could work.

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Thanks! Upgraded with no issues, and could restore PRACK after that.

A remaining problem with Counterpath and its push/handover mechanism is that some calls behave very strange. Every now and then this happens:

The caller lands in voice mail, but the Bria Stretto user will hear the phone ring.

If picking up, the callee will hear nothing OR will hear what seems to be the Virtual Private Assistant.

The PBX registers these calls as two calls in the call history.

I wonder what can be done to troubleshoot this.

No trunks are involved. This is just between registerred SIP-clients and the PBX.

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The setup is now the standard one where the client and the registration server alternate registrations, but potentially with some brief overlaps (option 0  below). Not sure this is what is causing problems since Vodia supports multiple registrations for the same account, and since most of the time, the handover appears to work fine.

In any case, seems like you are suggesting that 2 would be more stable?


  • 0: Standard: Your VoIP service provider supports multiple registrations. In this mode, there may be short overlaps of registration where both the Push server and the Bria client are registered to the SIP server.
  • 1: Single Device Emulation: Your VoIP service provider does not support multiple registrations. Bria and the Bria Push server must unregister before the other one can register.
  • 2: Continuous: Your VoIP service provider support multiple registrations. The Bria Push server is always connected to the SIP server. Bria is only connected to the SIP server when Bria is in the foreground. When Bria is in the foreground, Bria ignores push notifications so you do not receive duplicates.
  • 3: Single Device Takeover: Your VoIP service provider does not support multiple registrations. Bria and the Bria Push server take over registrations from each other without unregistering first.
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Looks like I'm closer to pinning down what's going on... Seems like my test call generator, somehow, sometimes, manages to make some noise that is misinterpreted as the starcode that gets the call added to the callback list. 

I wonder, what are the conditions for this feature to be activated by a caller? Can it, for example, happen only when the caller reaches the mailbox, or is there some other situation when it can happen, such as when ringtones are being generated before the callee or voice mail has picked up? Can the feature be turned off?


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I assume it's the mailbox, since there is no agent group configured, but mailbox doesn't explicitly offer callback as an option, and "offer camp on" is disabled.

The sequence of events from the point of view of the caller seems to be like this:

1) caller places a call to the extension

2) Ring tones are generated .

3) "Something" (probably voicemail) at the PBX picks up and it immediately (before even playing a greeting) for unknown reasons adds the caller to the callback list.

4) The caller hangs up.

From the callee's point of view, the phone rings, but when picking up, it's the PBX offering various options. Not sure what it is. (See the file  rec_115_13.wav in the attached ZIP. I'm also attaching PCAP files captured on the PBX.)

When this happens there is always two calls registered in the log, starting at the same time.

A big question is if the callback list option can somehow be triggered before the mailbox has kicked in . It almost appears to be the case, because the mailbox really shouldn't have come into play here. (The callee account had a live registration generated by Counterpath, and the callee picked up well before the call should have landed in voicemail.)

weird call with stretto.zip

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