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Boot Up Process - SIP multicast at the beginning or the end?

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Actually, today I would not recommend to use the SIP multicast or rely on it. The PBX now supports a much easier way to find devices in the LAN just by scanning the network. After the phone powers up, you can assign it to an extension and domain just through the web interface.


The problem with the multicast PnP is that things get terrible when there are more than one PBX in the LAN and that you have to assign the MAC to an extension before you can start the phone. Plus the mechanism works only with a few phones models.


See http://www.vodia.com/documentation/pnp_lan_prov for more information.

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How long does it take (nothing after 20 min for a factory reseted phone) and what is the technical background of these "scanning the network" (kind of packets)?

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Hi, B


Can you restart the PBX and once the service is up check the logfile for this message.


[8] 10:58:19.936 GENE:

Joined multicast group



If you don't see it's not active on the PBX, to active you'll need to navigate to Admin--Phone--Settings. Make sure "Listen to sip.mcast.net" is enabled.


Then restart the PBX can check for the message above. If you see it great if you don't check your firewall or any application that may be blocking the multicast. Lastly you want to check your router to allow Multicast messages on your network.


If all looks good then your phone should find the PBX.


Note: Make sure the Phone is factory reset.

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