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Incomming call droppes when reaching extension that is not connected


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When an external incomming call reaches my PBXnSIP it will be send to the first extension:

32 mailbox disabled, redirect after 10 seconds to extension:

33 mailbox disabled, redirect after 10 seconds to extension:

34 mailbox disabled, redirect after 10 seconds to extension:

32 ...


This works fine, but when e.g. extension 34's network cable is unplugged the call will be dropped... instead of being redirected, how can I configure PBXnSIP so that the call will be forwarded if the extension is nog "connected/logged in"? to prevent dropping of the call.

I tried it with an agent group but then the caller doesn't hear the phone ringing and all phones will go to ring, a hunt group did the same problem, when it reached the disconnected/unplugged phone/extension it droppes the call.

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How long is the device unplugged? If the PBX thinks there is still a registered device, things will get tricky. After the registration expires, it should not try to call the device and immediately redirect the call (not even after the timeout).


The deveice didn't register yet (Yesterday I've updated the PBXnSIP software to the latest version) but it still doesn't redirect.


The option "Forward all calls" is NOT set. I only set the redirect when busy and redirect when no answer. Maybe a suggestion to add an option "Redirect when offline/not connected" ?

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