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Calls dropping


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We have a Vodia PBX v5.2.3. Quite frequently we are losing calls. I have looked at the syslogs of the gateway and the syslog of the PBX and in each dropped call example, the PBX is the one sending the BYE to the phone and the gateway. I did not find anything useful in the syslogs so I increased the log level to 7 and still do not see anything that is causing the PBX to send the BYE. I have even pulled Wireshark captures and these do not offer anything additional. Please help me determine why the PBX decides to send a BYE mid-call.


This does NOT happen on every call. I have also compared logs between a good call and one that disconnects, and I cannot see any differences.


Please help.

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I would try to get a PCAP for the call, I think 5.2.3 already supports generating PCAP for the extension and/or the trunk the call is involved with.


Maybe it is related to silence suppression. If there is a long period of silence without any RTP packet, the PBX might think that the call is "dead" and kills it. In that case you would get an admin email with the SIP trace attached.

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