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A call goes to a wrong agent


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Hi all,


Attached is my log from the problem I have.


When someone call a specific number, the call goes to a wrong person /then to a group and so on/, despite I've set it up to be going to the correct Hunt group.


Everything worked fine, perhaps a week or something. I think it is related with another Hunt group which I made after, /I didn't tested it, because it was on stand-by when we are ready to open another number/.

I deleted the second Hunt group, but the problem is not solved.


As you can see in the log, it seems like that the pbx is trying to find trunk Petia. She never used that settings, something is messed up, I guess.


Please, find attachment number 2 with the trunk settings where it is said the call to be forwarded to my number /till I'm testing/, but it never comes. Same is if I try with any other account. This is pisses me off for a whole day already. Anyone could help ? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Tim





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Seems like 311 has no registrations either. When things go into unintended directions, make sure you turn the logging levels on high, so that we can get enough "evidence". Also it is easier to read that if you just attach a .txt file instead of an image which has only limited size. Otherwise we can just play ping pong guessing...

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No a restart has no impact on the logging. Sometimes admins mix up domain and system level log, which can be confusing (every domain has their own log). Make sure that you look at the right one. Also make sure that your session did not expire, try clicking on the "log" link in the menu instead of on the "reload" button in the log itself.

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I am using only one domain. And I've set up that domain. not the system level log. I guess it is okay that i left all settings on level 1 ? I mean, 1 is the most important one.... oh, here I answered my quesiton.

I just set all events as 9 ... Any advise is it too much ? Is it better to leave it on level 6 or 7 .. ?



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Even if you have just one domain, there are to logs: One on system level and one on domain level. They both have their own log levels. The domain log is useful when you have a system with lets say 100 domains and you would simply drown in irrelevant messages if you are trying to troubleshoot a simple IVR problem in that domain. In single domain deployments, the domain level log is kind of useless.


Generally when you are chasing a problem, it is okay to turn log level 9 on. Keep in mind that this takes more resources than lower log levels. Once the problem is solved, you should turn it down; 5 is a good level for normal operation where you only want to see important stuff.

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