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No ringback tone AA to Etension


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Hi guys,


Weird issue starting happening today/yesterday.


- Call comes in to AA (Auto Attendant) and caller hears AA message

- Caller presses a number to go to an Extension

- The extension handset will ring fine

- The caller hears no ringback tone (just silence)

- The extension is answered and audio works fine.


- Calls direct to extensions hear ringback tone fine

- If the AA diverts to a hunt or agent group, the ringback tone works fine.



Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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If the AA plays messages, that means that you have at the WAV files for least one language installed. The PBX must have a file called ringback.wav, which is typically in the audio_xx folder (where xx is the language that you have selected). Can you check if that file is present, maybe even quickly play it back from the file system? Maybe something went wrong with the language that you have selected, and ti tries to load language_yy/ringback.wav which is not present. If it happens to all extensions is must be something like that.

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