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Same number for Fax and Voice


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Hi, I am using vodia 5.2.6 version. Is there a way I can use one number for voice and fax both. Suppose I have a number 212-234-1234 , which is assigned to extension 102 and a phone is also registered on that extension. I want if any one call on this number I should able to talk to him, also if anyone send a fax on same number I should able to receive that fax on my email. Individually if I don't have registered phone on this extension than I am able to receive faxes, as soon as I register a phone and then If someone send a fax, my phone start ringing. Please advise.

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A pragmatic way to handle FAX from a users perspective is to blind transfer the call into the mailbox after hearing the FAX tone with 8xx (xx being the extension number).


The PBX listen for the FAX tone only in the auto attendant. For an automatic detection when calls are sent to a DID, it would have to listen to FAX tones also during the ringback phase, if there is one long enough to have a FAX tone and if the other side even sends a FAX tone while is not connected yet. Then if the call is connected and the remote party FAX is "talking" to the VoIP phone, it would still be possible to try to detect FAX tones, but with the spoken word it can lead to a lot of "false" alarms (we had that problem already in the mailbox). All in all unfortunately no simple answer and no simple solution.

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