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Snom D725 support in 5.3.0

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I just spun up a new instance of Vodia PBX 3.5.0 specifically for support of the Snom D725.


I do not see any templates for the D725. No snom_725_phone.xml or any of the other D725 related files. I do see the D725 referenced in in pnp.xml as follows.


Are the Snom D725 phones supported in 3.5.0?

 <file name="snom_725.xml" encoding="xml">

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That problem was addressed in 5.3.0a. We are trying to get a 5.3.1 ready this week. It would be great if you can try out 5.3.0a, we are especially interested if the new snom firmware that we provision there is worth the update.

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