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License Issues after Upgrading to V5.2

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after upgrading to V5.2 the pbx asked us for Activation Code in order to retrieve the license. But it seems, that after pasting the Activation Code and pressing the "Send" button, nothing happens, even after waiting some minutes.


We downgraded to V5.0 but still missing the license and aren't able to activate the System. Fortunately, this is only a test machine, but in productive Environment we would now running into disaster.


  • For the future: How to backup the license, in order to prevent such a blackout after unsucessful activation issue?
    Just backup the pbx.XML?
  • In case this is an issue with unsufficient Maintenance Period? Is there a difference between "no licence" (shown) and "invalid license / unsufficient Maintenance period"
  • Where we can see, if there is retrieved a licence at all? Where is the license stored on the Server?




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If the local browser on the same computer can get there then that is a good sign. You can double check if the DNS server in the PBX in the status screen makes sense. Older versions are checking for snomone.com, but newer versions are going to vodia.com. The snomone.com domain will eventually get out of service. If it all does not work, turn logging high for the web client in the PBX and for TLS, and then re-apply the license key.


If you have a new computer, then you must first reset the license in the vodia.com portal, so that it can store the new computer "finger print".

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