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Empty captions for new fields after upgrade to 5.3.2a


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We've upgraded from 5.2.4 to 5.3.2a and in the Web UI and in emails from the PBX we see empty space in the place where you would expect to see the caption of a field that was introduced after 5.2.4. An image is worth a thousand words, here are two (one from the web UI and one from an email report about an ACD queue).

Yellow lines are marking the empty spaces:





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Can you please look at this issue. We don't mind waiting for the WebUI issue but the emails that are sent every day to our customers keep reminding them of the issue. We can handle the low level of calls to our support centre but the fact that we are unable to solve this issue that is perceived as "easy" by our customers is hurting our image.

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The "master" snapshots sometimes contain new features where there translations are not in the release dictionary yet. Why those email are missing translations is something that should not happen, though.


If you can, please try the 5.3.2a .dat file. A couple of items did not make it there which should now be included.

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Unfortunately the 5.3.2a .dat file didn't fix this neither in the development version which has no customization nor in the production version with light customization.


What now?


BTW when I'm typing this reply I see above the editor box a green warning "This post will need approval from a moderator before this post is shown."

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